The unifying mission of the BioMed Research Center and of its members is to understand mechanisms and identify the molecular and cellular factors that govern the normal and pathological processes at the center of living organisms.


Researchers from the various institutions of the UQ network working in the biomedical sector bring together their expertise within the Center to achieve a higher level of excellence in research. BioMed is positioned as an essential platform to diffuse innovative research and development stemming from its members.



  • Outcome of the symposium

    Find the highlights of the Symposium of the UQ Network on Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research in the “Symposium and Retreat” section of the website.

  • Seminars

    Every week, BioMed research center organise a seminar during wich researcher or students present they work. Find all dates for 2017 here.

  • Fodar Scholarship